sacred geometry
painting on glass
mixed media with feathers
mosaic or
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"Sacred Geometry &
the Latticework of the Universal Mind"

An Exposition on Works by

Saturday, December 1 from 5 – 7pm

Come and Meet the Impossible Shape!
Flying Rainbow Lasagne by Aurora
© copyright 2007 by Aurora Streger


@ VARGA Gallery - 130 Tinker Street, Woodstock, NY 12498
Call 845.679.4005 for more info or visit

This Saturday, December 1, VARGA Gallery hosts visionary artist Aurora from 5 – 7pm for an Artist Talk in the Solo Exhibition Space to discuss and elaborate upon her works and theories currently on exhibit in "Sacred Geometry and the Latticework of the Universal Mind." Those interested in the potentials of the human mind, tessellations, string theory, the science of color, the meaning of rainbows, multi-dimensional physics and meta-physics are invited to attend. The exhibit runs through December 31, 2007.

Aurora studied art formally at Bard College (Class of ’96), but approaches art-making in strict accordance with her own inner vision and self-directed aesthetic. As a walk-in she receives inspiration and guidance from angels/aliens who she describes as her spirit friends. Aurora considers art-making an aspect of her partnership with Spirit and approaches art as an act of faith.

”I attempt to embody the perfection of the universal pattern, then express its movement in a painting.” She uses a self-imposed system of rules to perform each painting freehand using a one-inch reference grid of dots. The pinnacle of her creative output is the “Flying Rainbow Lasagne” named for its resemblance to the edge of a curly lasagne noodle. The shape, invented by Aurora as the solution to a mathematical/spiritual problem, is an impossible shape like a coin with only one side that always comes up heads.

“’The Flying Rainbow Lasagne’ is a shape which represents non-duality and shows how we may achieve our full potential as humans by dancing in partnership with Spirit. It represents the combination of spirit and matter on a genetic level. To embody the ‘Flying Rainbow Lasagne’ is to achieve mastery over greater reality and live in a state of Heaven on earth. It is the secret to dying without dying.”

AURORA with Big Fish

Are you tired of living on auto-pilot?
Are you convinced that human potential goes far beyond the ability to mass-produce a uniform french fry?
Would you be more likely to befriend an alien
than to barbeque it? Are you tired of dying?
Well, let go your preconceptions about space and time
and prepare to shed your pupal form.
You are cordially invited to the cosmic ball.
The doorway to eternity is opening...
won't you step through and dance with the stars?

Paintings by AURORA

This piece is composed of more than 4500 individually painted one inch glass tiles painted over the course of three years.
The tiled surface scintillates with energy and is large enough in size for a person to step through. YEE HAH!
60" x 60"


"My Love Affair With The Abstract"
24" x 24"
acrylic on canvas


"Lord of the Land Beyond Death"
24" x 24"
acrylic on canvas

"Angels are Aliens"
24" x 24"
acrylic on canvas

"Artifact 1"
8" x 12" x 1"
sandblasted glass

"White Light Diamond"
20" x 20"
acrylic ink on archival scratch paper

"Filigree of Heaven"
20" x 20"
acrylic ink on archival scratch paper

"Diamond 3" "Angels Trumpets" "En Pointe Black and White Diamond"
all 20" x 20"
all acrylic ink on archival scrach paper
$2,400 each

The Shape (tool for calibration of the many bodies)
26" x 50" Glass Paint on Glass

I love shapes.     
Squares feel solid and secure, and a field of them feels very comfortable to me.
     Diamonds are thrilling!  The way they balance on point just like ballerinas, they are graceful and elegant.   
   Triangles have their own beautiful sense of balance, and I enjoy looking at them and evaluating their angles --
equilateral or right.  It's like a game, to me:
will it make a hexagon or an octogon?
Hexagons are beautiful and I love them because they are what snowflakes and the muscles of the human body and the physicality of this realm are based
upon.  Hexagons stack pefectly next to each other without any 'dead space' in between the shapes.  
       Octogons are beautiful and I love them in a different way because they are more challenging to work with: they represent the heavenly realm. 
Octogons do not stack perfectly next to one another unless you size them down propotionately, filling in the gaps with a smaller generation exactly half of its
size. This leaves more gaps, which can then be filled in with another generation exactly half its size, continually. 

     When I walk down the street, I love looking for shapes.
  I am thrilled when I see the perfection of five pefect cirlces on a hubcap. 
I love to see the squares woven into the patterns on peoples' clothing. 
I love to walk on a tiled floor, especially when the tiles are canted at an angle so that they create diamonds.     

  My paintings are based upon certain 'rules' some of which come from sacred geometry and some of which are totally self-imposed. 
The rules are meaningful and consistent and the story that they tell is about My Love Affair With The Abstract.  
    At the end of my day, I turn down the lights and put on music by Miles Davis and sit in front of my paintings
and the squares and diamonds and circles and hexagons are my lover. 
To look at them is like spending time looking at the face of my husband,
and to know and embody these shapes on a deep level is like making love to The Abstract.

12 x 12
acrylic on canvas

20" x 20" glass tesserae, glass paint, on masonite

Continuum (Detail)

This piece consists of over 500 individually painted one inch tiles.

It is the prototype for a larger piece, 5 foot x 5 foot,
consisting of over 3000 handpainted tiles.

Madonna with Child
16" x 16"
Acrylic on Hardboard

Sacred Pattern II
18" x 24"
Acrylic Ink on archival scratchboard

Filigree (detail)

16" x 20"
Gold Ink on archival scratchboard

"Celebrating Life Together"
10 x 10
acrylic on canvas
Collection of Jessie and Jana Klein

" A Gift"
6 x 6
acrylic on masonite
collection of Judy Streger
Not for Sale


"Sleeping Beauty and The Prince"
20 x 20
watercolor and india ink on watercolor paper

Big Fish (detail)

24 x 60
glass paint on glass

Sacred Pattern
30" x 40"
Glass paint on Glass

24" x 40"
Glass paint on Glass


"Flying Rainbow Lasagnas in Formation"
24" x 36"
Watercolor on Watercolor Paper


20" x 20"
pheasant feathers, peacock feather,
glass paint, between glass

Phoenix Heart
16" x 20"
cardinal feathers, glass paint, between glass


The Shape of the Wind
16" x 20"
Assorted feathers, glass paint, between glass



16" x 20"
Dove feathers, gold dust, glass


18" x 24"
Salt, glass paint, bird wings, skull, feet


Salt (detail)



This is Not Ugly
8" x 10"
Sparrow, glass paint betwen glass



The Answer is Not So Simple
16" x 20"
Woodpecker feathers, glass paint, between glass

The Answer is Not So Simple (detail)



16 x 20"
Glass paint on glass



Battle in the Sky
16" x 20"
Glass paint on glass



White Angel
16" x 20"
Glass paint on glass



16" x 20"
Glass Paint on Glass


16" x 20"
Glass Paint on Glass



View from My Studio
16" x 20"
Glass paint on glass


"Flying Rainbow Lasagne (prototype)"
6" x 12"
sculpey on copper armature
Not For Sale

The Flying Rainbow Lasagne is a shape which I invented.
It is an impossible shape, like a one sided coin.
The outside of one cone becomes the inside of the next cone,
and the inside of the next cone becomes the outside of the next one.
It is a one-sided shape!
This is "allowed" according to the rules of sacred geometry
and forms a stable shape
because the purple dot which exists at either end of this shape
moves so quickly back and forth that is exists in both places
at the same time.

This prototype serves as a small scale model for a larger project which I will build in the future.

"The Living Seed"
6 x 12
acrylic paint on plaster gauze, feathers
This Piece Contains Too Much Magic For Me to Put a Price Tag On