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It is said that there is no perfection on earth.
Yet, everywhere you look you can see it moving from a flower to a dewdrop,
from a bird to a sunset to a pattern.
It is all here depending on how you use your senses,
and the balance that you have in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies.
All detail is important,
every cell, every speck of dust, each speaking in a divine voice
working sublimely through nature.

Beneath the River
collage, acrylic, handmade paper

Evening Sky
12-1/4" x 12-1/4"

Forest Ablaze
9-1/2" x 6-1/2"
acrylic, oil pastel, collage, handmade paper

Inner Room
30" x 22"
acrylic, color pencil, pastel, watercolor paper

Into the Universe
13-1/2" x 8-1/2"
acrylic, aluminum, bronze, collage, handmade paper

Into the Wild Blue
15" x 13-1/2"
collage, acrylic, bronze on handmade paper

Chaotic Profusion
32" x 22"
watercolor paper, metallic, acrylic stain

Between Heaven and Earth
15" x 8"   collage, watercolor, acrylic, 1999

Purple Majesty
18" x 11" acrylic, collage, pastel on handmade paper

Center of Passion
30" x 22"
acrylic, collage, hand-made paper, 2001

Prototype for Inner and Outer Landscapes
18" x 18" acrylic, collage, hand-made paper

Flying Through the Sky - diptych
8-1/2" x 12-1/2" metallic, thread, petal, leaf collage on hand-made paper


Remains of the Day
15" x 24" paper, mixed media

Rooms in My House I Celebrate
9-1/4" x 12" acrylic, collage




Spirit Released
22" x 30" acrylic, collage on watercolor paper , 2001

Summer Skies
12" x 12" watercolor, acrylic, pencil

The Silver Mountain
6" x 7-1/2" collage, acrylic, handmade paper


Transition of the Green
16" x 20" acrylic, pastel, handmade paper , 1999

Yellow Landscape
9" x 4" collage, acrylic, handmade paper




Deep in the Mountain
20" x 6" collage, acrylic, handmade paper




Hokusai's Mountain
7-1/2" x 5-1/2"
collage, acrylic, handmade paper, pencil




Remnants of Autumn
22" x 9" collage, acrylic, metallic on handmade paper




Small Painting Series 1
5-1/4" x 5-1/4" acrylic, collage on handmade paper



The Red Cloud
19-1/2" 8-1/2" acrylic, resin, collage, handmade paper

The Sublime
19-1/2" x 7-3/4" metallic, acrylic, handmade paper

View of a Landscape
15" x 13" acrylic, metallic, collage, handmade paper


View of the Cliffs
8-1/2" x 12-1/2" acrylic, bark, collage on handmade paper

A Dance of Spirit
20" x 8" Resin acrylic, string, collage on handmade paper

A Landscape in Two Parts
11" x 13-1/2" metallic, collage, handmade paper




An Icelandic Landscape
collage, 14-1/2" x 8"

Bronze Arrow
13" x 6-1/2" acrylic, string, metallic, plastic resin, collage, handmade paper


My most Glorious Earth
mixed media painting on canvas

The Autumn Has Departed
mixed media painting on canvas

The Clouds Evaporate in the Cold Sky
mixed media painting on canvas

The Field of Bright Spirit
mixed media painting on canvas

The Mountain is Barren
mixed media painting on canvas